Fluid + NetApp

Did you catch us at NetApp Insight 2021?

If you did, you would have learned how Fluid, enables customers to connect on-premises infrastructure to multiple clouds and deploy new Kubernetes services in minutes through a central console with NetApp® Cloud Manager.

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You won’t want to miss this interview with Fluid Founder, Andrew Sjoquist talking Fluid for NetApp, or the Fluid CTO hinting at what’s next in the development schedule!

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“The Fluid integration with Cloud Manager introduces a whole world of new and exciting possibilities for NetApp technology in the eyes of the customer. 

With Fluid adoption, all the complexities that go into building on-premise hardware or in data centre hardware, and then connecting into the cloud, goes away and are done in a matter of minutes. 

We’ve pulled out all the best configuration, principles, and methodologies that cloud providers operate in and worked them into Fluid, so that it is simply a click of a button for customers to deploy cloud-like architectures. 

Most importantly, adopting Fluid means that the conversation doesn’t have to get stonewalled when a customer says that they’re already running a competitor’s product. “

– Andrew Sjoquist, Fluid Founder

Why Fluid…?

Auto-connects all networks​

deployment ​

Unifies silos into an open 
for both 
management & visibility​

Simplifies workloads​
for better data flow, smarter storage ​& easy, ​
robust compute ​

collaboration for distributed workforces


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