About Fluid

What if…. compute, storage and network were automatically orchestrated to create an application-centric environment, managed in a cloud-based console or API?

Remove the multi-team, manual repetitive tasks of infrastructure deployment with self assembling, smart infrastructure.


  • Is a platform to simplify on-prem and bare metal infrastructure deployment and management
  • Automates the provisioning of cloud-scale network and compute so you can focus on deploying applications instead of deploying infrastructure
  • Boasts centralized management via our cloud-hosted portal
  • Connects on-premises, public cloud and managed storage environments, from a single portal or API call within minutes
  • Is the simplest way to deploy Kubernetes and VMs on your own infrastructure

“Our focus is to make Fluid as portable, scalable, and flexible as possible so it can exist where the cloud can’t and won’t, and to facilitate the next level of hybrid clouds and hyper-scalable applications.
Fluid brings your workloads as close to your end-user and customer as possible.”

Alexander Turner, Fluid CTO

With Fluid you’re zero to hero in 12 minutes!

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